We use wide format printing to produce marketing materials that include posters, banners, light boxes, wallpaper, billboards and general signage. The equipment we use to produce wide format signs are almost identical to what you would use in an office environment, but just much bigger. With digital print technology the need for old fashion printing presses are automatically eliminated.

Wide format printing can be done on a large variety of different materials (we call them substrates or media in this industry). The materials we use include paper (different thicknesses and coatings), which is mainly used to print things like posters, brochures, pamphlets and other paper-based marketing materials. Other flexible materials we use include fabrics and PVC canvas which are used for banners, signs, billboards, trade show stands and general signage products.

In wide format printing, one of the biggest deciding factors is quality. A good quality printer can do immaculate quality work. We offer a great deal of experience and can provide you with the best advice regarding the type of material and printer for the project you need completed. We will take care of all your large format printing needs, regardless of the size or the quantity. It does not matter how intricate or detailed your graphic artwork. Our specialisation and experience in wide format printing services will cover your every need.