Light-boxes are used in signage to illuminate your message so as to draw attention to it from first glance. A light box is the perfect weapon in your signage marketing arsenal to violently hijack your prospects’s attention away from everything else and psychologically force them to focus on whatever you are promoting via your light box. It also creates optimum visibility and a striking presence for your brand in places with minimal light.

light box

No two customers are the same, have the same business objectives or the same marketing needs. For this reason we have positioned the company to take every customer’s unique branding into account when manufacturing light-boxes. This can be done in any shape imaginable, in line with our customers’ unique needs. We can do standard rectangular or square wall mounted light-boxes, elaborately shaped logo-based light-boxes as well as light-boxes for any other type of mounting. You let us know what your unique needs are and we’ll make sure we give you the exact solution you need.