South Africa is a country that is still pretty much in development, and as a result there are always projects being undertaken in construction, agriculture, mining, infrastructure development etc. Whilst these projects are underway certain rules and regulations have to be abided by. These are normally enforced with the use of clear and concise signage. Because South Africa has such a rich cultural and language diversity, employers and employees are not always of the same language groupings and here using sings is a great help in communicating policies and procesdures that might pose a challenge using words.

How we do what we do

At Ebony & Ivory Grafix we service the many industries that need health & safety signage on an ongoing basis. In Kwazulu Natal especially we a lot of road maintenance, road construction, property development and construction of commercial property always underway. There is an ongoing need for good signage that helps not only to communicate with workers, but also with passers-by, management and nearby communities. We have – since 2009 – been supplying health and safety signage to the construction fraternity and as a result have established ourselves as a preferred supplier of this kind of signs, although not exclusively to the construction industry.

safety signs

Giving back

We also supply schools, service providers to the Department of Transport, driving schools, the mining industry, large factories and property maintenance companies like painters and renovators. We also sponsor many signs to scholar patrol functionaries in a variety of communities and vehicle signage for school and church buses.