Design Modus Operandi

As a manufacturer of both outdoor and indoor signage for businesses around the city of Durban we get calls by the dozen to do signs (sometimes also miracles and wonders) for businesses in and around Durban. Funny enough, all our work thus far has come strictly via recommendation. When the work comes, clients usually have a pretty good idea of what they want, but never a good idea of what it is we do. Which is why we had to bring graphic design to the very foundation of what we do. Everything starts with design – right?
We will meet with a customer to take his or her skeleton concept and add flesh to the bone. Once we both agree on what it is the client will be happy with, we start putting it together using design software that will give us the output the client wants.

graphic design


This could be anything from Photoshop to Illustrator to Freehand. Our favourite at the moment is CorelDraw X5 because of its flexibility and relatively gentle learning curve. Customers that have agencies that handle their artwork normally submit those in PDF format, which is also very easy to edit using CorelDraw X5.

In more instances than we anticipate we design the graphics ourselves, which is the most favourable situation because it gives us control over the entire creative process, thereby rendering our studio team able to manipulate the artwork and make changes almost instantly should the client request it. We do this by wireframing all designs in CorelDraw, ensuring that the layout maximises the provided space and that when colour is added the artwork achieves its intended objective, whether that be to inform, share information or generate leads or sales.


Our Director, Daran Dayanundan, is normally the person that will take artwork from the conceptual phase to a fully designed billboard, shopfront sign or a complete vehicle wrap. He is gifted with creative visualisation that enables him to sometimes convince clients to change their artwork or logo position to enhance the work we do for them or to better achieve predetermined business objectives.