We have a very strong team of individuals that make up the personnel component of Ebony and Ivory Grafix. These are the people that keep the wheels of the company turning.

The company Director. Daran is responsible for business development and strategic direction.

He is our company manager and ensures that all work flows in and out of the workshop with no challenges.


He is one half of our dynamic in house graphic design duo. He creates the work that sells our clients to their clients.


Yusuf is the other half our explosive design team that cranks out award-winning design work for our clients.


Nathan handles vinyl application and sign rigging. He ensures that what is planned is exactly what gets executed at our clients premises.


Ryan is the DTP Operator and layout artist that makes sure our clients’ artwork is always on point and that clients get exactly what they pay for creatively.


KevinKevin is a signmaker. His efforts are concentrated on ensuring that all customers’ specifications are strictly adhered to and that customers are happy with our end products.


BrianBrian is the person that oversees our window tinting and glass frosting projects. He is also very skilled in vinyl application.